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Charles Ryan Long Tote


This design starts, stops, ends and begins again in order to reflect what we already know and what has yet to be revealed to us about AIDS, while leaving us with room to move from. I emphasize move from, because I/we/the world can be better at attending to the things that “don’t fit”… the uncompleted phrases and the lives cut short through our society’s silence and ignorant neglect. This is a call to all who have the will to care, those who prioritize the people over the virus always, and those who know our strength lives in our LOVE and our collective anger mobilized into RAGE.

charles ryan long is a Chicago based multi-disciplinary artist, activist and Black liberationist. He explores issues of representation, legacy, and loss through print, paper making, performance and other mediums that lend themselves to the principles of the democratic multiple. His work seeks out the audience and hopes to stir within them a push towards the future where we center the needs of those with the least amongst us.

Since 1988, Visual AIDS has been at the forefront of contemporary art practice focused on issues of HIV/AIDS. AS part of our Print+ Projects, Visual AIDS works with artists to create tote bags, posters, buttons, broadsides and safer sex kits that provoke dialogue, raise awareness, promote harm reduction and HIV prevention, and remind the world that AIDS IS NOT OVER.