Cell Count

Visual AIDS
6 x 9 inches
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Taking HIV criminalization as a starting point, Cell Count brings together artists who unpack and reconfigure the metaphors and assumptions that enable the punishment and incarceration of people living with HIV.

The catalog featuring critical essays and reports from activists working against HIV criminalization. Contributors include Che Gossett, Theodore Kerr, Risa Puleo, Timothy DuWhite, Jordan Arseneault, Robert Suttle, Barb Cardell, Thandi Harris, Craig Pulsipher, Eric Paulk, Johnnie Kornegay, David Plunkett, and Alexander McClelland.

Curated by Kyle Croft and Asher Mones for Visual AIDS
La MaMa Galleria, May 31–June 16, 2018

Contents include:

"Cell Count: Rendering Harm in the Face of HIV Criminalization"
by Kyle Croft and Asher Mones

"We Will Not Rest in Peace: AIDS activism, Black radicalism, queer and/or trans resistance"
by Che Gossett

"Curation will not save us: Wrestling with the spaces between analysis and action"
by Theodore (ted) Kerr and Risa Puleo

"We Are Never The Victims"
by Timothy DuWhite

"The New Equation"
by Jordan Arseneault

And report backs from activists Barb Cardell, Thandi Harris, Johnnie Kornegay, Alexander McClelland, David Plunkett, Craig Pulsipher, and Robert Suttle.

Book design by Aaron Fowler.